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Innovation Sustainability

#BlueSustainability #ResearchIndustryCollaboration

Unlocking Authentic Progress for Sustainable Practices in the Blue Sector

Germany & International, 2024 | NEW

Outreach and events

#MarineSustainability #ResearchIndustryCollaboration

In collaboration with Atrium Environmental, SEEO developed and presented an interactive map showcasing marine sustainability initiatives for research-industry collaboration at the Waterkant Festival in Kiel. The project focused on scientific and educational projects and provided content about marine plastic pollution, solutions, and sustainability topics.

Germany, 2024 | Completed

Research-Policy Interface

#PlasticFootprintNetwork #UNPlasticsTreaty #SustainablePlasticManagement

The Plastic Footprint Network (PFN) project convened by Earth Action developed a science-based framework aligned with an ambitious UN Plastics Treaty. This initiative enables organizations to set measurable targets for reducing plastic pollution by unifying methodologies scientists and industry experts. Cleo Stratmann is Microplastics working group co-lead. The PFN framework supports global efforts in marine-related sectors like shipping coatings and fishing gear, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and sustainable plastic management practices.

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Switzerland & International, 2024 | Ongoing

Science Education

#Communication #Education #PlasticPollution #MarineEcology

At the event Store Barnes Fjæresdag (Children’s Spring Beach Day) in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Cleo managed the plastics-stand and excelled in making complex scientific topics engaging and accessible to young audiences. Through interactive activities like examining different types of plastics, observing microplastics under a microscope, and comparing natural materials with plastics, Cleo successfully sparked curiosity and interest in children and adults alike. Her innovative approach to teaching about the negative effects of plastic pollution, ensures that even challenging topics become approachable and memorable. 


Norway, 2024 | Completed

Plastic Pollution Research

#ResearchNetwork #Plastic #Data #KnowledgeTransfer

Cleo Stratmann co-developed the Plastiverse platform with an international team of five, creating a vital hub for plastic and microplastic research. Plastiverse serves as a live, crowd-sourced repository for tools, databases, protocols, and information, supporting both micro- and macro-plastics research. This curated and dynamic index provides researchers with access to a vast array of open source and open access information, software, methods, and resources essential for advancing plastic pollution studies, fostering collaboration and information exchange in the field.

Project Website

International, 2021 | Ongoing

Freshwater Microplastic Pollution

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#Freshwater #Microplastics #Data  #EnvironmentalMonitoring #Research

Cleo Stratmann conducted her PhD project “Monitoring and Modelling Microplastics in the Greater Paris and the River Seine” as an Early Stage Researcher within the interdisciplinary Marie-Sklodowska-Curie-Action Innovative Training Network (MSCA-ITN) Limnoplast at the Water, Environment and Urban Systems Laboratory (LEESU) of Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC). She managed various aspects of the research project, conducting extensive studies on riverine microplastic pollution in rural and urban environments. Cleo developed and executed a one-year microplastic monitoring program along the Seine River, harmonized sampling and extraction methodologies, and worked closely with stakeholders such as Parisian wastewater treatment management (SIAAP). Her role involved analyzing microplastic, water quality, and hydrological data, authoring reports and scientific papers, and presenting results. Additionally, she participated in various training activities and workshops, supervised a master’s student and two interns, and contributed to public outreach through webinars, videos, and social media.

Project Website

France & Europe, 2020 – 2023 | Completed


Marine Plastic Pollution

#MarineConservation #InterdisciplinaryCollaboration #Data #GIS #Research

Cleo Stratmann contributed her expertise in microplastic research, data analysis, and GIS mapping to assess fluxes and hotspots of plastic pollution in the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of San Diego, California. She conducted detailed research on plastic accumulation hotspots in and near MPAs, focusing on submerged aquatic vegetation and riverine plastic inflows. The team successfully authored a white paper, synthesizing project results into a key recommendations document to inform stakeholders for decision-making and sustainable marine conservation practices.

Project Website

California USA, 2021 | Completed


Urban Freshwater Ecology

#Freshwater #UrbanEcology #Ecosystem Services #Interdisciplinary  #CitizenScience #SocialScience

Cleo Stratmann, as Principal Investigator and Project Manager led the FreshProject2.0 “Urban Algae” funded by the European Federation for Freshwater Sciences. She coordinated 30 teams across Europe in urban water sampling, designed a multi-language citizen survey, and managed project communications. Her work generated new insights into the ecological status and ecosystem services of urban ponds during the very warm 2018 summer, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration among young scientists across Europe and enhancing public understanding and engagement with urban aquatic environments.

Project Website

Europe, 2018 – 2020 | Completed


What my Clients & Collaborators are saying

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Dr. Shabnam Molazadeh, Environmental Specialist at COWI, Denmark

“Cleo is a highly skilled and dedicated environmental engineer. I collaborated with her during the PhD project, and she has consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise and passion in the field with exceptional problem-solving skills and a collaborative spirit, making her an invaluable team member. Cleo has a deep understanding of challenges associated with the water and environment, coupled with the ability to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.”

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Henriette Vaagland, Senior Engineer, Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences​

"It was great SEEO joined the big event Barnas Store Fjæredag in Trondheim. The kids visiting SEEO learned a lot about the big challenge – plastic pollution – in an interactive way. Keep up this important job – professionals meet public!"

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Dr. Julie Hopper, Sustainability data analyst, University of Southern California, USA​

“Cleo is an amazing teammate, always willing to go the extra mile to solve a problem and to get the job done (and a job well done at that!). Cleo and I worked together during the 2021 Scripps-Rady Ocean Plastic Pollution Challenge where she taught herself QGIS in a matter of weeks and created beautiful maps for our team to display plastic pollution hotspots in the San Diego Area. (…) If you want your team and projects to excel then I highly recommend hiring Cleo! ”

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