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I am here to support your organization with specialized expertise to protect water resources, reduce plastic pollution, and create live-worthy environments. My service is guided by a solution-oriented and client-friendly approach to deliver relevant and tangible solutions.

What I do for you

I advise, plan, initiate, coordinate, organize, research, monitor, analyze, calculate, measure, develop, collaborate, and communicate, to apply ecologically sound and economically feasible solutions to your problems.

Why SEEO is here

SEEO Environmental Consulting was founded in 2024 with the mission to fight plastic pollution and protect our waters by translating scientific expertise into concrete actions with high impact. The initial idea and passion to found an environmental office to tackle plastics and protect our environment using research outcomes emerged in 2019. Targeted professional specialization and business development lead to founding SEEO in 2024.

Key personnel

Cleo N. Stratmann MSc
Environmental Specialist

I am Cleo Stratmann, an environmental researcher and engineer with a passion for collaboration and systems thinking. My goal is to resolve plastic pollution and apply knowledge, data, research, and technology where it is relevant to build a healthy environment and a sustainable and nature-loving society.

Most of my free time is spend in nature surfing, running, playing volleyball, handcrafting, traveling, sometimes photographing, and even the ‘geeky’ hobby of bird observation has become one of my favorite actives.

I can’t imagine a world without plenty of healthy nature around. That’s what drives me. I’ve been born with a curious mind, openly talking to people, finding creative solutions (inside and outside the box), eager to explore and protect nature. Now, I do this professionally. You’re welcome to join me on this endeavor.

Professional background

With more than 8 years of professional experience in the fields of freshwater ecology, environmental plastic pollution, and interdisciplinary research, I continue my commitment to environmental conservation and resolving plastic pollution issues. My experiences at internationally renowned institutions involved interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research, providing me with the network and skills to deliver high-quality work. With a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Technology and many years of professional experience including a top doctoral research project at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech in France on the subject of freshwater microplastic pollution, I have in-depth knowledge in the field of technical environmental protection.


– Masters degree in Environmental Science and Technology from Technische Universität Berlin

– Experiences in waste assessment services

– Freshwater studies at large mesocosm facilities on anthropogenic impacts and climate extremes

– Research and monitoring plastic pollution specifically freshwater microplastics (PhD project)

Top institutions I worked at

Who I work with

Through active partnerships and collaborations with experts from other fields, I can offer you more comprehensive services, implement challenging projects even more successfully, learn new things, and use my expertise in a focused manner. We are better when everyone does what they are good at. This is an extract of collaborators and clients:

Together, we provide support for your marine and maritime environmental endeavors and larger research-to-industry projects.

Together, we provide extended science communication services linking behavioral science and plastic pollution.

Together with and for NTNU, I engaged in education on the topic of plastic pollution.

I work with Act! to raise awareness for plastic pollution and ocean protection.

I am a scientific committee member and support the development of global South-North research-industry innovative exchange and partnerships.

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What my Clients & Collaborators are saying

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Dr. Shabnam Molazadeh, Environmental Specialist at COWI, Denmark

“Cleo is a highly skilled and dedicated environmental engineer. I collaborated with her during the PhD project, and she has consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise and passion in the field with exceptional problem-solving skills and a collaborative spirit, making her an invaluable team member. Cleo has a deep understanding of challenges associated with the water and environment, coupled with the ability to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.”

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Henriette Vaagland, Senior Engineer, Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences​

"It was great SEEO joined the big event Barnas Store Fjæredag in Trondheim. The kids visiting SEEO learned a lot about the big challenge – plastic pollution – in an interactive way. Keep up this important job – professionals meet public!"

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Dr. Julie Hopper, Sustainability data analyst, University of Southern California, USA​

“Cleo is an amazing teammate, always willing to go the extra mile to solve a problem and to get the job done (and a job well done at that!). Cleo and I worked together during the 2021 Scripps-Rady Ocean Plastic Pollution Challenge where she taught herself QGIS in a matter of weeks and created beautiful maps for our team to display plastic pollution hotspots in the San Diego Area. (…) If you want your team and projects to excel then I highly recommend hiring Cleo! ”

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Networks I engage in

I’m engaged in various professional networks to stay up with recent developments, projects, and research.