Based in Germany | working EU-wide and internationally

SEEO | Scientific Environmental Engineering and Outreach

Environmental consultancy services.

Environmental services on the pressing and complex issue of anthropogenic impacts on the environment with a focus on (micro)plastic pollution, water systems and environmental conservation

I am Cleo Stratmann, an environmental engineer and scientist with a passion for collaboration and innovation for more than 8 years. Since April 2024 I work as a self-employed environmental professional at SEEO. With my technical understanding and being dynamic and practice-orientated, I develop tangible solutions for your complex environmental problems with a focus on plastic pollution, water systems and environmental conservation.

What I do for you: I advise, plan, initiate, coordinate, research, monitor, analyze, develop, collaborate, and communicate, to develop ecologically sound and economically feasible solutions to your problems.


Expertise and consultancy. 

Hands-on research, data, monitoring, and engineering support. 

Science communication and dissemination services.

Research on plastic and microplastics in the environment. Translating science to application for actionable recommendation for addressing (micro)plastic pollution and preserving freshwater environments.

Environmental data collection and analysis, environmental monitoring,  remediation measures, and conservation strategies.

Avoidance, reduction and mitigation of microplastics and plastics in the environment. Implementing sustainable practices

Environmental Advice

Project Management | Research

Technical Strategies and Implementations

Data Analysis

Collaboration and Stakeholder Management

Science Communication | Outreach